Yes, This is a Nissan Murano Convertible on 34-Inch Wheels

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The Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet only had a short life on planet Earth. After poor sales and expensive engineering costs, it was phased out after just three years. 

It appears to have found a new life however, in the video above. As you can see, someone has stripped out the interior of the gawky drop-top, filled it with more screens than a CCTV surveillance centre, lobbed in some speakers and then lacquered it in vibrant candy red paint. 

Oh, and then put it on 34-inch rims to make it a ‘Donk’. Quite.

No doubt you require a bit of context. Donking is the umbrella word for hi-rise cars. The trend grew out of the Florida music scene, then moved on to the South and made it all the way over to Cali-forn-i-a (as the rappers say).

Normally the foundations for Donks are mid-Seventies Impalas, Caprices and Monte Carlos – all wearing very big shiny rims with low profile rubber. They’re even sometimes airbrushed to look like four-wheeled Skittles packets, cereal boxes or even bags of crisps. 

However the innovative lot in the video wanted to buck the trend by Donking something very, um, un-Donkable.

This article originallly appeared on Top Gear

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