Shell Introduces a New Diesel Engine Oil

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Shell is looking to strengthen their leadership position as the best-selling heavy duty diesel engine oil brand in the country with the introduction of a new range of Shell Rimula products along with a new enhanced flagship fully synthetic product.

The new Shell Rimula R6 LM 10W-40 fully synthetic HDDEO now features Shell’s unique Dynamic Protection Plus Technology. The technology combines Shell’s proprietary PurePlus Technology that produces ultra-clean base oil made from natural gas with Adaptive Additive Technology to deliver excellent all-weather protection, longer engine life, extended oil drain intervals, and reduced fuel consumption.

All these technology combined enables the Rimula R6 LM to offer up 53 per cent better protection against engine wear and deposits, especially cam wear and up to 45 per cent lower oil consumption. This will help customers to lower the total cost of ownership.

Shell is proud to announce that the oil’s upgraded CJ-4 specification now exceeds ACEA, MAN and Mercedes-Benz specifications for engine wear and cleanliness. The low SAPs formulation also significantly reduces downtime from clogging of diesel particulate filters by ash. This means the Rimula R6 LM meets the Euro 5 to Euro 6 emission requirements.

Shell Lubricants General Manager -- Malaysia & Singapore, Mr Leslie Ng, said that the new enhanced Shell Rimula portfolio once again reflected Shell’s investment in research and development and its desire to offer cutting-edge lubricant products that deliver real and tangible benefits to businesses operating in an increasingly challenging economic environment.  

“The enhanced formulations in the new Shell Rimula products provide an unprecedented level of protection to engines that operate in severe conditions.  They are designed to help our customers reach their real destinations, no matter where or what they are,” he said.

In pointing out that no other oil and gas company invested in research and development as much as Shell, Leslie added, “Our revolutionary and proprietary gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology has enabled us to be the first company to launch passenger car motor oils and motorcycle engine oils made from natural gas.  We are now bringing this breakthrough technology to the HDDEO segment.”

In conjunction with the launch of the new Shell Rimula portfolio, Shell Lubricants also launched the 2016 edition of the highly popular Shell Rimula Global Promotion. This year, Shell will be sending eight lucky Grand Prize winners to South Africa for a unique driving challenge.

The Rimula R6 LM will join the other Euro 5 specification diesel on the market, hopefully this will start changing the perception of diesel usage in our country and spur manufacturers to bring in more diesel variants! (The Jaguar XE in particular, we heard that is the XE that you want to buy)

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