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While the customer may always be right (whether they really are or not), the heart and soul of any business is the people who work there. These are the ones who invest their time and energy to make sure things are done right, not just to make a paycheck, but because it’s the right thing to do. The oil and lube industry is full of men and women who go above and beyond the call of duty to give each customer the best possible experience while building a solid foundation for their company. Jacob Alviso of Sandy, Utah’s, Little Cottonwood Qwik Lube is one such individual.

From a young age Alviso, known simply as “Viso” by his friends, has had a strong interest in everything cars. As a boy, Viso’s dad taught him how to change brake pads and rotors, replace belts and spark plugs, change a flat tire and other fundamentals of auto repair and maintenance. From there, his love of cars began to blossom. By the time he was in high school (and was learning to drive) Alviso was hooked. He and his friends began going to illegal street races just to watch the cars. Viso dreamed of being able to build and modify his own racer one day. The lessons learned at his father’s side and his lifelong love of cars prepared Alviso for his future.

After graduating, it was natural for Alviso to look for a job where he could do what he loved — working on cars. He soon landed his first job in the oil and lube industry. After just six months, he was promoted to shop supervisor. Shortly thereafter, he went to work at Little Cottonwood Qwik Lube, where he still works today. At Little Cottonwood, Alviso started out as a lube tech but quickly moved up to safety and emissions tech before once again being named shop supervisor. Now, nine years after he first started at Little Cottonwood, Alviso serves as assistant manager.

His loyalty and long service stem from a deep love for what he does.

“What makes my job rewarding is a happy and satisfied customer,” Alviso said. “Customer service is what I do; I love being the one to talk to the customer just because I know they are always going to leave satisfied.”

Alviso’s boss, Kerry Milne, Little Cottonwood’s manager, confirmed this sentiment, “He cares about a customer’s vehicle as if it were his own vehicle, and that says a lot. He cares deeply for the impression he leaves right from first greeting to final wave goodbye.”

Alviso’s welcoming, friendly and helpful persona has been a major asset for Little Cottonwood Qwik Lube, helping the business build and maintain a loyal customer base.

Milne continued, “His calm demeanor, mixed with his vast experience and expertise make our store a memorable oil change experience. This brings us many repeat and super-satisfied customers who not only come back, but also tell friends and family to come. We have many customers who will ask for Jacob by name.

Ever the car lover, Alviso enjoys being able to help customers better understand their individual vehicles by sharing from his ever-growing catalog of automotive knowledge.

“The smile on [the customer’s] face and when they personally walk back up to you to thank you for your great service and say that they will tell all their friends to come. The compliments alone are what says it all,” Alviso said. “The end result seems to continue, because it brings me more and more business.”

Never satisfied with where he is, Alviso continues to further his automotive education.

“I have evolved my skills by working on cars, learning on my own and picking up tips from other people like friends and co-workers,” Alviso said. “There is always something new to learn every day, and I am that person who will be there to learn and then one day teach those things to my kids.”

The success Alviso has brought to Little Cottonwood has spilled over into his life as well, making it possible for Alviso to accomplish one of his own boyhood dreams—building his own, unique custom car. His one-of-a-kind Nissan Maxima reminds him every day of the reward for an honest day’s work.

Because of his loyalty and dedication to a job well done, Milne nominated Alviso for National Oil & Lube News’ Technician of the Year award and said, “There are not words to express how thankful we are for having Viso's great impact on our business. He is definitely our Technician of the Year already.”

As for Alviso, he is just thankful to have a job he enjoys at a company that values what he brings every day.

“I am an honest, hard-working man who will work my way from the bottom to the top,” he said, “I love what I do and love the company I work for.”  

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