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Rack Your Drain

The ODPA-3 Oil Drain Plug Wall Rack includes all 13 Accufit oil drain plugs (64 pieces) in a handy wall rack. Check

threads with the built-in gauges mounted right next to the bins.

AGS Accufit Oil Drain Plugs cover up to 93 percent of all vehicles on the road, including domestic, European, Japanese, British and Korean models, while reducing inventory and associated costs by 80 percent. All plugs have 14mm hex, so just one wrench works for all. The hi-temp gaskets are in place for max sealing protection. They are easy to identify with the thread size etched on each plug and are covered in a black oxide coating for rust and corrosion protection. A pilot-point tip helps users avoid cross-threading during installation, as well.

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Need A Brake


A comprehensive new brake system diagnosis and repair guide for professional technicians is now available from Tenneco’s Monroe Brakes brand. The 16-page, illustrated, free publication, “A Professional Technician’s Guide to Brake Service,” includes in-depth information regarding the evolution of automotive brake system technologies as well as proven steps for identifying and correcting common brake performance issues.

Featuring a handy, laminated flip-book format, the guide includes detailed diagrams of the mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components represented in a modern brake system, as well as recommended steps designed to ensure a fast, complete repair that enhances customer confidence and loyalty. Dozens of photos and illustrations help technicians properly identify and address the root causes of common brake wear, noise, pedal feel, dusting and other complaints. Also detailed are inspection procedures for modern brake system electronics as well as rotors and hydraulic system components, and pad and shoe installation tips.

For technicians requiring additional technical support for a specific brake repair challenge, the guide outlines the many resources available through Tenneco’s Technical Resource Center, including live techline assistance from ASE-certified professionals, training clinics and DVDs and web-based print and video tools.

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New Juels

Fuel Juels now has a new logo, new label design and new retail packaging.   Solid Start/True Brand has also upgraded Fuel Juels to a new bottle that is 100-percent compatible with both new capless fuel systems and traditional capped fuel tanks.

Fuel Juels’ patent-pending formula is formulated for GDI and PFI engines and utilizes three-phase Brownian Motion Technology, creating a time-released effect. This allows Fuel Juels to restore fuel mileage up to 7 percent, increase compression, protect against ethanol problems, help remove water and more.  Fuel Juels lasts up to 6,000 miles — approximately 12 tanks of fuel. 

For more information, call 877.290.3950 or visit: 



Green Clean for Diesels

Martin Lubricants recently announced the introduction of its STP Diesel Fuel Treatment. It contains Greenclean Detergent Technology, which is a complete solution to improve the quality of diesel fuel as it lubricates critical fuel system components, cleans fuel injectors and boosts cetane. The year-round formula increases power more than 3 percent, provides for smoother and quieter engine operation and improves fuel economy more than 2 percent.

STP Diesel Fuel Treatment restores engine performance as it cleans up sticky injector deposits in all diesel fuel injection systems, including high-pressure common rail systems found in newer diesel engines. It uses additive technology that cleans injector

deposits and continues to protect against the formation of new deposits. It also increases cetane up to two numbers, easing engine star

ts, reducing power lag and lowering emissions and white smoke.

STP Diesel Fuel Treatment with Greenclean Technology contains inhibitors to protect fuel injection components from rust and corrosion while friction modifiers provide an extra level of protection extending the life of the fuel pump and injectors.

This formula stabilizes the diesel fuel making it less likely for fuel degradation and sediment formation that can quickly plug fuel filters. A low-temp formulation that is engineered for cold weather performance will be available in mid-2016.

For more information, call 800.725.3066 or visit:

One Diesel Additive, Multiple Solutions

For complaints about rough running or noisy diesel engines, Rislone has introduced its Diesel Fuel System Treatment. It is a ULSD sulfur substitute, injector and complete fuel system cleaner, upper cylinder lubricant, anti-gel cold flow improver, fuel stabilizer and conditioner, and even Cetane booster. With just one product, you can improve the quality of your customers’ diesel fuel by increasing its cleaning ability, adding lubrication, removing contaminants, fighting corrosion and helping to prevent the fuel from gelling and going bad.

To make Rislone Diesel Fuel System Treatment easy to install, each dual-cavity bottle comes with a patented EZ Nozzle spout attached that is designed to work with diesel misfueling devices and capless diesel systems. For best results, one 16.9 fluid ounce (50

0 mL) bottle should be used every 5,000 miles, or every time the engine is scheduled for an oil change. One bottle is concentrated to treat up to 35 gallons of diesel fuel. For larger vehicles, use one bottle per 30 gallons of fuel capacity.

Rislone Diesel Fuel System Treatment is designed to work with all light-, medium- and heavy-duty diesel engines, including ULSD and biodiesel. It will not harm the engine or any emissions components, including catalytic converters, particulate filters, EGR valve or DEF systems.

For more information, call 800.521.7475 or visit:


New Wiper Application Guide

Trico Products Corporation recently announced its 2016/2017 U.S. Automotive Application Guide is now available. The guide provides details on all Trico products, which are listed by product line, vehicle year, make and model.

The 280-page compilation provides comprehensive details on all of Trico’s product lines, including 25 new part numbers that will be available later this fall. The new applications include 13 new Trico Exact Fit beam and rear blades, seven new Trico Spray washer pumps, two new Trico NeoForm premium blades, two new Trico Ice premium winter blades and one new Trico Tech 

beam blade. 

The new catalog also contains an interchange guide and a complete directory of retail merchandisers and cabinets — all laid out in a visually appealing, easy-to-use format.

To request a copy of the 2016/2017 Trico U.S. Automotive Application Guide, contact your Trico sales representative.

For more information, call 800.388.7426 or visit:


BlueDevil Fuel System Cleaner removes fuel deposits while increasing vehicle performance. Fuel MD improves gas mileage, fuel efficiency, vehicle start-up and restores a consistent engine idle while lowering fuel octane requirements. It protects fuel sen

sors, is safe for any engine, is guaranteed to pass emissions tests, dissolves fuel system deposits, maximizes engine efficiency and reduces emissions. For peak performance, add BlueDevil Fuel MD every 3,000 miles. It treats up to 15 gallons.

For more information, call 888.863.0426 or visit:


Steel Tanks on the Move

Fluidall recently introduced its new mobile steel tanks, which are manufactured with U.S. carbon steel and built with the UL 142 Standards in mind. These extremely durable single-wall steel tanks are packaged to store and dispense one or two fluids and are equipped with a complete dispense package, as well as a built-in pump and reel mounting bracket, a fully welded steel ergonomic handle, locking eight-foot casters, a level gauge and a lockable fill cap for added security. In addition, there is a bracket for either adding a fluid identification placard or mounting the dispense gun.

The single fluid package has one 75-gallon capacity tank and measures 26 inches wide by 29 inches long. Fluidall’s multi-fluid steel tank package is configured with two 75 gallon tanks, for a total capacity of 150 gallons, and is 26 inches wide by 53 inches long. Both mobile steel tank packages are 42 inches tall to the top of the tank.

For more information, call 800.849.0591 or visit:

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