Castrol Creates Motor Oil with Plant-based Components

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Castrol has just launched Castrol EDGE Bio-Synthetic, which has steered the motor oils industry in a new direction by including plant-based components. Castrol used its expertise in eco-engineering to create this new product that effectively combines its Fluid Titanium Technology with 25 percent renewable plant-based materials. The result is a motor oil that is environmentally friendly while performance wise it is as good as all Castrol products.

Castrol EDGE Bio-Synthetic motor oil is also expected to soon receive certification as carbon neutral, as the CO2 footprint related to the product’s production, packaging, distribution and storage  will be offset through BP Target Neutral.

Tony Smith, Castrol Senior Advisor for claims and demonstrations, said that Castrol EDGE Bio-Synthetic is a revolutionary new product for the industry as it delivers 100 percent of the Castrol EDGE performance that Castrol customers are accustomed to while using advanced bio-technology to offer maximum protection to engines and minimizing the environmental impact of the engine oil.

Prior to the launch of the product, Castrol had carried out a consumer study which revealed that as many as 18 percent of consumers in the United States cared a lot about the environmental impact of the products they used and deliberately looked for products which claimed to offer such benefits like the use of renewable resources, without any compromise when it came to performance.

Today’s models and engine technology are geared towards providing motorists with greater efficiency and power. This means that the load on the engines increases further and the smooth operation of the engine components is maintained through using a thin film of oil. Hence, the oil needs to be stronger than ever.

Castrol’s technologists utilized the natural lubricating properties of plants to help create an oil which uses renewable resources and still delivers a high level of performance by using 25 percent plant-derived oil compounds.

From the fuel economy perspective, Castrol EDGE Bio-Synthetic not only meets but exceeds the fuel economy performance criteria set by the American Petroleum Institute (API SN) and the International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC GF-5). The claim that the oil has 25 percent bio content is endorsed on its pack by the USDA Certified Biobased Product label.

The Castrol EDGE Bio-Synthetic range comes in 1 Quart and 5 Quart sizes and viscosity grades that most models in the United States. It will become available through selected retail outlets and Amazon from January 2017.

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