Designed to Succeed or Designed to Give, That is the Question

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How did you get your start in becoming successful? Have you ever wondered about the moment that launched someone else you believe to be successful? 

The answer often gives credit to a characteristic, trait or special skill — or sometimes even a bad experience that drove someone along the path.  I have never heard anyone say, “Actually, I set out to fail completely, something went wrong and I ended up succeeding.”  No one sets out to fail.  Business models aren’t built around making a bad product, giving bad service, getting a horrible reputation and then going bankrupt. 

When it comes to being successful, what I believe we can all agree on is that someone gave us all an opportunity that put us in the direction of success. It takes a lot to become successful: focus, passion, commitment, hard work and more. We have to want to become successful and be willing to give what it takes.  Once we’ve been given a break, if we accept the opportunity, we earn credibility by meeting or exceeding expectations, repeating what is good and avoiding what is bad.

Is it really that simple?   

I think we need to strive to be both givers and receivers to be truly successful.  We must recognize the power of giving, and even make it a part of our success when we can.  We can perpetuate the cycle of success by giving forward.  Did someone give you any of these: a chance to show your capabilities, time to teach you, a loan to seed your garden, trust to perform a job as promised or business when you had no other customers?  If so, you know what their giving did for you. 

Are you willing to give to someone else as part of your business plan? As business people we are conditioned to focus on growing our return on investment for survival. However, we must remember how important it is to give, so our success breeds more of what we were designed for — success.

As babies, we have the natural ability to get what we want from adults simply by giving to them.  An infant learns to make grown people go beyond their comfort levels and regular behaviors by rewarding them with smiles, coos and snuggles.  We come into the world ready to give and receive.  As we get older, we develop language and learn to ask for what we want.  If it is within reason, we often get what we want as children. As we gain more independence, we come to understand that you don’t always get what you want just because you showed up.  Not everyone wants to give of themselves, their time, their money or simply hand their business to you! Often, all you need is just one opportunity, where someone says “yes” to help get you started or up and running. 

I am very fortunate to have learned from some truly amazing individuals about giving, in both my personal and professional experiences.   I am more than thankful for all of those people who gave to me, whether I deserved it or not.  I am equally as thankful for all the people who allowed me the opportunity to experience being the giver, as well.  There is a wonderful reward in being able to participate in someone else’s story.  For all those who touch our lives, we cannot simply repay the value of what was given when it was needed.  We can best repay those who gave to us by continuing to follow their lead and example, by giving it forward in all we do.

I am blessed to work and live the same practice, which makes a whole person — not someone who is one person at work and a different person away from the office. We have more when we give. You can grow from the spirit of giving at all levels.

I would love to hear the story about your success, no matter where you are on your path — the moment someone gave to you when you needed it or when you were able to give to another. More than ever before, we as a nation, industry, friends and family need to come together and unite in giving.  I would love to share with you what I have learned about bringing that practice into the workplace for everyone’s benefit.  If that is a little too personal, I don’t apologize. Hopefully, we are old friends, or you will soon become my new friend, because it’s my way of contributing to your success.

Call or email me, and we can talk further about giving. After all, it’s what we were created to do! 


CRICKET KILLINGSWORTH is a veteran automotive aftermarket provider of training, public speaking, dispute management and sales.  After several years working and building nonprofit organizations, Killingsworth returned to the do-it-for-me market to grow Throttle Muscle products, incorporating charitable giving to organizations all over the world.  She can be reached via phone at 805.354.7077 or by email:

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