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Innovative Wrench

The 8-in-1 SAE and metric oil drain plug swivel wrench set is a Lumax proprietary and patented design. It features eight socket sizes, all in one tool. The lX-1865 and LX-1866 fits most oil drain, transfer case and differential plugs. The swivel head allows for easy access and fits all angles. The oil drain plug swivel wrench is made from chrome molybdenum steel for strength and durability. The heavy-duty yoke support withstands high torque applications. The wrench features a built-in magnet to hold drain plugs or nuts. The superior indexing feature locks the socket into working position. The eight SAE sizes are 3/8-inch, 7/16-inch, 1/2-inch, 9/16-inch, 11/16-inch, 3/4-inch and 13/16-inch (LX-1865). The eight metric sizes are 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17, 19 and 21 mm (LX-1866).

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Take It to the Track

JX Nippon Oil & Energy, creator of Eneos, recently announced a new product series. Eneos Racing Series, featuring the product lines Eneos Racing Pro and Eneos Racing Street are the latest motor oils from one of Japan’s oldest companies, which has applied its 130-year expertise to formulate the new products.

The company has long-established OEM relationships, and much of its engine oil formulation is done in collaboration with the leading Japanese automotive manufacturers to provide the latest engines with the most efficient and protective lubrication solutions.

Eneos Racing Pro is available in 10W-50 and 0W-20, is aimed at professional racers and track day enthusiasts and is an oil intended for GT racing to drift, sprint, stock car, rally, formula racers and drag racing. Eneos Racing Street is available in 0W-50 and 0W-20, is aimed at enthusiasts who drive to the track and is intended for every type of motorsport, including drift, stock car, rally, drag racing, autocross, Time Attack and more.

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Triple Seal

The Triple Seal Protection products by Prestone Products Corporation use a breakthrough stop-leak treatment that allows users to avoid paying thousands for engine repairs. With just one bottle of Triple Seal Protection, leaks are sealed from the inside of the affected area without blocking or corroding the cooling system.

The Triple Seal Protection line includes three products: Prestone Triple Seal Protection Engine Block Stop Leak, Prestone Triple Seal Protection Head Gasket Stop Leak and Prestone Triple Seal Protection Radiator Stop Leak.

Each product is designed for the unique heat and pressure of the specific leak location (engine block, head gasket or radiator). The product is delivered through three proprietary technologies that work together to repair the source of the leak. Effervescent beads flow straight to the source of the leak while a DuPont Kevlar resin forms a web that binds to the surrounding metal. Finally, the seal is secured by an acrylic polymer in the Radiator Stop Leak and an acrylic polymer and sodium silicate in the Engine Block Stop Leak and Head Gasket Stop Leak that hardens the seals.

Both the Engine Block Stop Leak and Radiator Stop Leak products do not require a cooling system flush, while the head gasket stop leak requires a flush and fill one to two weeks after adding to the system. All three Triple Seal Protection products are safe to use with all colors of antifreeze.

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Easier Brake Line Repair

EZ-Fit complete brake line kits are a new approach to brake line repair. Replacing every line on a vehicle with pre-cut and flared NiCopp brake lines speeds up repairs and reduces comebacks associated with improper flaring. EZ-Fit uses AGS’s own EZ-Bend technology and corrosion proof NiCopp brake line material. The material bends easily allowing the professional service technician to route the line easily and install lines quickly. The kits come with all lines required to complete the job, already flared with both zinc and black-oxide coated hardware. Lines are labeled to correspond to an instruction manual. Depending on the application, the time it takes to do the job drops dramatically — up to 50 percent. Also, the distribution of EZ-Fit is much easier. When compared to pre-bent kits, EZ-Fit takes up over 94 percent less space in the supply chain.

EZ-Fit allows the seasoned brake line technician to make more money and gives newer technicians the chance to do the job right the first time.

For more information, contact Christian Byar:

New Part Numbers

Purolator recently announced the introduction of 76 new part numbers to the Purolator, PurolatorOne and PurolatorTech product lines.

The new part numbers include 21 oil, 39 air and 16 cabin air filters — with a focus on covering both new and late model applications.

This introduction from Purolator significantly increases their product offering coverage for both the retail and commercial channels. The new part numbers fit a wide variety of vehicles, including many 2017-18 models such as the Honda Civic, GMC Acadia, Kia Sportage and Hyundai Sonata.

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Better Gas Mileage, Longer Engine Life

Starfire is extending its line of automotive additives with the launch of five new products. The additions reinforce the brand’s commitment to meeting the needs of service providers with proven products that maximize efficiency and performance to deliver better gas mileage and longer engine life to drivers.

Starfire Fuel Injector & Carb Cleaner uses the latest technology in gasoline detergency to clean and lubricate fuel injectors and carburetors and restore fuel flow and performance.

Starfire Gas Treatment is a special blend of powerful cleaners to clean the entire fuel system from gum, varnish and deposits. The alcohol-free cleaner will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors and works with both fuel injectors and carburetors.

Starfire Motor Flush removes sludge, gum and varnish from engines to improve oil flow.

Starfire Octane Booster restores lost power, reduces hesitation and stalling and prevents difficult starting.

Starfire Oil Treatment is an advanced formula that creates a protective barrier against friction and heat to extend engine life.

All Starfire lubricants and additives meet or exceed manufacturer requirements. For bulk orders or technical specifications, or to locate a distributor in your area, call 888.0258.8723 or visit:

Five New Blades

Michelin recently launched five new wiper blades designed for safer driving in all weather conditions. The new product lines include two hybrid blades — Michelin Cyclone and Michelin Storm — two beam blades — Michelin Radius and Michelin Endurance — and one conventional blade — Michelin HydroEdge.

The Michelin Cyclone and Storm hybrid wiper blades feature an exclusive Smart-Flex technology that automatically adjusts wiper blade contact pressure across the curvature of the windshield to deliver outstanding windshield wiping performance. The Michelin Storm wiper blades also feature new WeatherShield technology that is infused into the wiper structure to repel rain, snow and ice for superior wiping in the most severe weather conditions.

The Michelin Radius and Michelin Endurance wiper blades are designed for enhanced performance in rain, snow and ice. A built-in aerodynamic spoiler grips the windshield under the toughest conditions, and infinite pressure points provide better windshield control.

The new Michelin HydroEdge conventional wiper blades are engineered for all-weather performance in rain, snow and ice. An aero-vented riveted blade design with multiple pressure points and compression molded rubber ensures quiet, streak-free wipes. The aerodynamic heavy-duty steel frame adds strength and durability.

The new hybrid and beam blades all feature a premium endurance-tested Dura-Glide rubber coating for advanced durability, quieter performance and extended blade life. All new wiper blades include the Michelin EZ-Lok Connector System, which attaches to most plastic arm types and allows for hassle-free installation.

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