NOLN QUICK: "Speed Dating" in San Diego

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Here at NOLN, we just wrapped up our third Quick event. Quick, presented by NOLN, is the new way to get business done.

The second Quick event of 2018 was held September 17-19 in San Diego, California. Like every Quick event, we had 20 operators and 20 vendors attend. Vendors and operators were paired together and had one-on-one private meetings throughout the two days of action.

When we weren’t in meetings, the vendors and operators enjoyed some beautiful California sunshine. If that wasn’t enough, we took in some great action on the evening of September 18.

NOLN took the group right down the street to Petco Park, where we watched the San Diego Padres take on the San Francisco Giants on the baseball diamond.


“Everything was perfect. Y’all did a great job putting these power meetings together.” – Vendor




What is Quick?

If you would like the opportunity to get business done efficiently, let NOLN give you your time back with Quick. During two days of action, you’ll meet with 20 vendors (or operators, depending which side of the table you’re on) who are ready to talk business. Each short meeting takes place in the privacy of a vendor’s suite, guaranteeing uninterrupted, productive discussions.


Before the event, all attendees receive binders containing full profiles of each company represented at the meetings. That way, you can assess your own business needs to determine how each of the meetings planned for you can offer solutions for your business.


“Enjoyed the one-on-one with the vendors.” – Operator


As an attending operator, during two days of action, you’ll meet with 20 vendors who are ready to talk business.

One of the best perks of Quick is that qualified operators will be fully hosted by NOLN — that’s right, we pay for the airfare, accommodations, hotel, meals, transfers and scheduled networking events. That leaves more money in your pocket for you to do business with the great vendors we bring to you at Quick!


“There was more than one best part, but picking one would have to be the uninterrupted time with attendees and the ability to focus on what THEY are looking to accomplish.” – Vendor




Wanna Come?

When planning an event, NOLN’s goal is to match operator needs with vendors who can offer solutions. The first step is the application process. Jump online and go to: There, you can learn a little more about the event, and scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll see our application form. If you want to be entered in the pool of operators we choose from for our next event, simply fill out that form — and then we’ll get back to you on the next steps!


All of NOLN’s Quick events have been great successes, and we’ve heard awesome reports of operators who have gotten a lot of business done at Quick. Don’t be left at home. Come join us. Remember, just go to and fill out the application form to get started!


“I came here looking for a new POS and wiper blades, but I learned so much more about certain chemical companies and marketing strategies, which I plan to make steps to move forward with future purchases and use of services. Also, it was great talking to other operators to learn about things they are doing and products and services they are using.” – Operator


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