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With 2019 well underway and the winter chill in full effect, it can make it easy to yearn for warmer days. If you’re looking to put the winter blues behind you with a springtime getaway, look no further than iFLEX at The Car Wash Show, coming to Nashville, Tennessee this May. AOCA is once again partnering with the International Carwash Association for the industry’s biggest event — jam packed with education specific to fast lube operators and a trade show where you’ll find the latest and greatest in products and services. The fun begins with AOCA’s Welcome Reception on the evening of Sunday, May 12. You can get all the details at: See you in Music City!

AOCA Board Spotlight

David Haney

AOCA’s Board of Directors represents not only the membership of the association, but the industry as a whole. So why not get to know your Board? We’re kicking off AOCA’s Board Spotlight series with a snapshot of AOCA’s Secretary and Past President David Haney, owner of Oil & Lube Express in Magnolia, Arkansas.

AOCA: Tell us about your experience in the fast lube industry Haney: There are two types of operators in the fast lube industry: those who know what they are doing and those who don't. I see it every day. I have to admit, those who don't are good for my business. I tout the fact that I am a member of AOCA, and because of that, we know what we are doing. I use what I learn through AOCA to educate my customers about their cars, and they view me as the expert.

AOCA: What challenges do you see facing the industry today and in years to come? Haney: 1. Disposal of waste oil. The consumers of waste oil are disappearing because of a number of reasons. I believe the answer long-term is in the hands of the oil companies. They need to begin blending re-refined motor oil in all of their products. Some are already doing this.

2. Staying current with the changes in technology in every aspect of our business. This is especially true for those of us who do more than oil changes, but there are changes that will affect oil changes, as well.

3. The continued fight with the automobile manufacturers trying to force our customers to return to the dealerships for everything.

AOCA: Why did you opt to get involved with AOCA? Haney: It's my business. Why would I not get involved? I sell tires. I belong to the Tire Industry Association. I install auto glass. I belong to the Auto Glass Industry Association. I sell car and truck accessories. I belong to the Specialty Equipment Market Association. I do AC repairs. I belong to the Mobile Air Conditioning Society. If I'm in the business, I want to know what's going on in that industry. It's my competitive advantage.

AOCA: How has AOCA benefited you as fast lube business operator? Haney: The monthly checks I receive from AOCA, of course, LOL. The biggest benefit is the friends I have made over the past 11 years. We should consider changing the name to the Automotive Oil Change Family. Due to limited space, I cannot list all the benefits I receive from being a member. But if you come to the next iFLEX and buy me a drink, I'll be happy to share my list of benefits with you.

AOCA: What can members anticipate with AOCA in 2019 and beyond? Haney: I believe our association is stronger now than it has been in many, many years — at least 11 years. Over the past four years the board members worked together so hard, so focused and so tirelessly to essentially save AOCA. Many associations did not survive the past 10 years. Ours did. And with the new board members, I feel confident we will get even stronger in the years to come.

AOCA: What do you do in your spare time, when you’re not running your business? Haney: Right now, there is not much spare time. However, I thoroughly enjoy going to work every day. It's hard to call it work when I have so much fun doing what I do.

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