Slow Driving in the Fast Lane Is About to Get Expensive

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If you're one of the many people in the world who find that there's little in life more frustrating that being stuck behind a slow moving car in the passing lane, Indiana's new 'Slowpoke' law that goes into effect July 1 is for you.

The new law states that a driver cannot travel in the left-most or passing lane if they know cars are trying to over-take them from behind. Drivers can expect fines in the $100-$200 range with higher fines for repeat offenders. Indiana senators who voted against the bill cited fears that the law is too subjective and could end up rewarding speeders. Indeed, officers of the law have a lot of leeway in terms of enforcement.
"If someone is going 75 (mph) and someone behind them comes up at 90, we are going after the guy going 90," Indiana State Police Capt. Dave Bursten told the IndyStar.
The law isn't meant to reward speeders, however, but to keep traffic safely flowing. Clogging up the fast lane can lead to other drivers making quick and dangerous lane changes and can increase the risk of road rage.

Drivers would get out of a ticket if there is bad weather, construction, or if they're exiting the freeway or coming up to a toll booth. Forty states have some sort of slowpoke law, though they usually can only be enforced when someone is going under the speed limit in the passing lane or if the driver sees other cars trying to pass in the lane.

Florida's law says a driver must be going 10 mph under the speed limit in the left most lane, for instance, while Michigan will fine any driver who continues to drive in the passing lane after overtaking slower cars. You can find your state's law on slow driving in the fast lane here.

This article originally appeared on MSN.

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