Liqui Moly Launches its 0W-16

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Nov. 21, 2019—Liqui Moly announced the addition of a 0W-16 engine oil to its lineup. Currently geared for certain Japanese vehicle models, the grade is the lowest that the company has produced.

The German company joins most major passenger car motor oil marketers in adding a 0W-16 grade as the industry moves toward less viscous, highly engineered synthetic offerings. Liqui Moly noted in a press release that its the additive packages that really make the oil perform at high temperatures.

"0W-16 oils are still very much a niche product but, technologically, they are very interesting," Liqui Moly USA Director Sebastian Zelger said in a press release. "This is why we are already producing it, even though the revenue earning potential is still low."

The reason for the lower grade? Liqui Moly explains it in its press release: "The lower the oil viscosity, the less power the engine has to use to pump the oil. This lowers fuel consumption and emission levels accordingly. A low viscosity oil is one of the many tricks car manufacturers use to reduce emissions."

Honda and Toyota (as well as its luxury sibling, Lexus) are the main automakers that are recommending 0W-16 for their engines. Liqui Moly notes that certain Suzuki models use that grade as well. 

Want to learn more? Check out this article from NOLN that explores the rise of 0W-16 in Japan.

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