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Introducing Our First Editorial Advisory Board

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At NOLN, we take a lot of pride in the mindset that this isn’t our magazine; it’s yours.

Every single aspect of NOLN, from its digital content to the stories you read on these pages each month, is designed with the intention of providing you, our readers, with information and strategies to help you lead your businesses. The only way we succeed in achieving our goals as a publication is to help you reach yours.

With that in mind, I’m excited to announce a new step we’ve taken to make sure we stay on that path. This issue of the magazine is the first since the formation of our Editorial Advisory Board—a group of five quick lube industry leaders who have volunteered their time, knowledge and energy to help ensure NOLN stays true to its mission and provides the most timely, valuable and actionable content possible.

You can find that list of folks in our masthead moving forward, but for quick reference (and a show of thanks to each of them), here’s the complete list:

  • Bill Floyd, owner, Lucas Oil Center
  • Pete Frey, owner, Take 5 Oil Change of Covington, La.
  • Jim Harrington, executive vice president, Victory Lane Oil Change
  • Lenny Saucier, vice president of human resources and training development, Victory Lane Quick Oil Change
  • Matt Webb, owner, Premier Oil Change

The timing is somewhat unintentional, but you can also read about a couple of our board members this month in the magazine: Pete Frey, profiled on p. 30, shares his story of launching into a second career in the industry, and Lenny Saucier highlights leadership strategies in his column. Also in the magazine this month, you can find “NOLN’s KPI Handbook," which showcases an in-depth look at the state of the quick lube industry through data from our annual Operator Survey.

All of our content is aimed at helping push your business forward. Our new board will be a huge asset in doing that, but our eagerness for feedback, information and suggestions doesn’t end there. We want your voice to be represented in each and every issue. Again, this is your magazine; tell us what you want to see. Tell us how we’re doing. Let us know how we can improve. Let’s improve together.

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