Jiffy Lube Raising Funds for Sturgeon Victim Services

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Sept. 17, 2021—A Jiffy Lube in Morinville, Alberta, is working to raise money for a local crime and trauma survivors charity. 

The Morinville location is looking to help cover the costs for a new vehicle for Sturgeon Victim Services to either lease or purchase, according to a letter to the editor at Morinville Online, and its team is hoping to recruit upward of 80 separate businesses to commit $100 to that goal.

"Driving our own vehicles can put us at risk if our license plates are recorded or our vehicles are recognized by a subject of complaint, SVS Executive Director Elisabeth Melvin said in a statement. "We have the funds to support the first year of leasing for roughly $650 a month but are looking to secure the following two years, plus the detailing and costs for maintenance."

Jiffy Lube said it will cover the cost for detailing and maintenance for the new vehicle. 

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