From Distracted Dads to Know-It-Alls Here's the Scoop on Three Common Customers

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by Lauren Henderson

The Distracted Dad: Distracted

We know him, we've been him, we love him, distracted dad. Distracted dad dropped his kids off at school and jumped on a impromptu conference call all before 9 a.m. On his way into work, he noticed you didn't have line outside your bays so he stopped in to get his oil changed.

Don't get annoyed if distracted dad seems frazzled. Take the opportunity to think for him and suggest services that will benefit his car and hectic schedule.

Entice distracted dads and moms alike by making their time waiting in their car — or your waiting room — a convenient place to get work done or slow down from their hectic day. Offer WiFi and water and oh yeah, distracted dad says free coffee and donuts are always a good idea morning, noon or night.

The Know-It-All:

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.02.05 PM

Customers who feel like they need to answer their own questions or take the opportunity to give you a pop quiz on your knowledge and then correct you are frustrating to say the least. However, they are still paying and valuable customers who can choose to say nice things or not-so-nice things about you in the community so you'll want to handle them as professionally and delicately as possible.

The best approach with a a know-it-all customer is to cross all your t's, dot your i's and answer their questions before they have them. Stay above reproach by carefully documenting the service process and then going over what you did with the customer line by line. Before you know it (pun intended) you'll establish a relationship with the know-it-all and they'll become a repeat customer who respects your skill and knowledge.

The Pet Parent:

Pet Lover

Where are my pet parents at? I am a proud dog mom of a 100-pound Mastador who thinks she's a Weenie dog. If you're an animal lover you know how much it means when a drive-thru attendant offers your dog a treat through the window (Chick-Fil-A and drive-thru banks are the best at this).

So take a page from their books and leave a lasting, positive impression on your customer the next time you see their pet in the car. Of course make sure you ask before you pet or feed. However, most people are thrilled at the chance to show off their best friend.

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