Increasing Your Bottom Line by Addressing Costs

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As the saying goes, there are only two ways to make more money: sell more products or reduce your costs.

In our industry where customer expectations are higher than ever and customers who are being more mindful than ever of every dollar spent, maybe it is time to consider the overhead cost. In particular, those “shop supplies” we try to bill for, but we also know we never fully account for all these different supplies we need to service a car. Another thing to think about is the increased labor cost because a job that should of taken 30 minutes takes an hour.

For years, the full-line mechanical shops have been taking advantage of using a quality parts cleaner and degreaser. On the surface, these cleaners seem like a luxury that those of us in our industry couldn’t justify. In reality, by using a quality cleaner you can reduce cost by allowing for a simpler and faster removal and installation of hard parts like a sticky idle control or a stubborn brake caliper. Removal of carbon on engine parts also reduces the risk of breakage, and we all know who has to pay for broken parts! Obviously, if the part is easier to remove and the area is clean, replacing the part goes smoothly and the amount of time on the job will be reduced. This means you can perform more services in the same amount of time.

It is important with today’s vehicles and the multiple uses of different materials in places — where all-steel components were used before — you use a product that can be used on unpainted metal parts, carburetors, air intakes and throttle bodies. For those servicing brakes, you know a quality brake cleaner is a must. The Regane Parts Cleaner and Degreaser will safely clean all these parts so the need for multiple cleaners and wasting valuable training time instructing technicians which cleaner to use when is no longer needed. Reduce your cost, and the savings will go to your bottom line.

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Increasing Your Bottom Line by Addressing Costs

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