Trade Shows, Tops and a New Truck

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Trade shows are in full swing this month, so I hope to see you as we are out and about in Orlando for iFLEX and later in the month we’ll be in Dallas for the Jiffy Lube show.

This month we are also featuring our Tops in the Industry rankings. Looks like the industry just keeps rocking out. That’s music to my ears! You can see the rankings starting on page 16.

Cabin Air Filters

How many times have you caught a technician not checking a customer’s cabin air filter because, “It’s just not worth it?” The technician has to remove the front of the glove box and dig out the cabin air filter, only to find it is perfectly fine. Turns out there’s no need for replacement, but we did lose precious time to find this out. Enter the anemometer. Anemometers aren’t often found in lube shops, but have been around for years in the household and commercial HVAC industries. They are used to measure airflow. We have a great submission in our add-on section this month from industry veteran Jay Buckley that teaches you how to use this inexpensive tool to test the airflow in a vehicle’s HVAC system. Depending on what this reading is, a technician can determine if it is worth pulling out the cabin air filter to check its state of dinginess. Check it out on page  52.

Until next month, keep on lubin’

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