Steel Beam Impales Car Windshield, Driver Walks Away

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How the driver of this SUV survived, after a giant steel beam skewered the windshield of his BMW, is nothing short of a miracle. According to the San Jose Fire Fighters who posted the picture online, if the beam had bounced just inches further right, the driver would have been skewered, too.

The metal beam fell off the back of a truck, bounced on the road, and then impaled the BMW driver’s windscreen. That man evidently still had the wherewithal to pull his car safely to the side of the road, where he suffered nothing more than a minor scratch to the arm. 

Exactly how the beam came loose from the truck has not yet been determined, but police are calling for drivers to remember to keep their distance while following other vehicles. One thing’s for sure, if I was the man that almost became kebob meat, I’d be on the next flight to Vegas. It seems that luck is in his favor.

This article originally appeared on Yahoo.

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