Take a Step Towards Reaching New Customers

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by Lauren Henderson

photo-1422728221357-57980993ea99Taking the steps to broaden your business and reach new customers is a little scary but mostly exciting. When you've spent significant time (We're talking 50 plus years) in any industry it's guaranteed you'll see the best and the worst, the highs and the lows. If you do a good job you'll become a voice for the industry, an icon of sorts. But maintaining a leadership position means that you must constantly evaluate what you can do to keep your business relevant.

That is what the brands Bar's Leaks​ and Rislone​ have recently done by launching new advertising campaigns to engage their younger audiences and broaden their customer demographics. You can check out what they've done and get some inspiration of your own.

It doesn't always mean reinventing the wheel. There's a reason you've been successful so far. Stay true to your company values — they've served you well — but don't be afraid to take a small step today towards reaching new customers. You may be surprised at the new faces rolling into your bays.

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