Five Steps to Effective Feedback

I’m willing to bet you have had feedback of some sort in the last hour or even seconds. Feedback is simply a part of life. Obviously, not all feedback is constructive, welcome or helpful. For example, I recently emailed a comment in response to the discussion topic of the day to a nationally syndicated sports program. In my mind, the way the commentator presented the topic was unfair and inappropriate, and I shared my feelings. My feedback was met with the following on-air response, “Here’s an email from a complete idiot! Anyone who thinks that way is an absolute
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The Value of Performance Pinpoints

In an effort to improve performance in your fast lube operation do you suppose the following comments, from a manager to employees, are helpful observations; “You’re lazy;” “you’re messy;” “you’re too slow;” “you’re bad with customers;” “you’re not a team player.” There are probably those who would say, “Yes, those comments are being direct and are an example of a manager facing performance issues head on!”OK, if those are the comments of a manager attempting to improve employee performance, then we need to consider the manager’s observations from the employee’s perspective. The important question to be answered — from
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Improve Employee Performance. Measure It!

Have you ever tried to keep up with every employee behavior that makes up vital operational results for each of your employees? If you have, you know it’s a nearly impossible task. Yet, as impossible as it is, if you want behavior to drive performance and results to improve, an essential step is measuring how well those employee-behaviors are implemented. In addition, you should measure all key performance behaviors frequently!Yes, I know, it sounds as though I’m asking you to do the impossible, something akin to saying, “Now, I’d like you to stand up and sit down at the
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