Articles by Amber Kossak

Customer Service - What Separates You?

When I started writing articles last year, I had this article printed. I feel this material is even more valuable today than it was last year. Not only is it about the value of customer service, but it’s also about the value of quality versus quantity. We all would like more customers, but how we treat them is more important than how many we have.More customers mean more revenue; however if you treat a customer as if they were not important or maybe not as good as the person down the street, there is a good chance you will
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Positive Attitude, Positive Results

There are many changes happening today: Regulations, customer and employee needs, and quick lubes changing into service centers. Dealers are performing quick lube services and much more. How the industry responds to these changes will define us as people and business owners. Will we be professional? Will we be positive or will we react negatively?Negative reactions affect our customers, employees and businesses one way or another. Have you ever observed someone who, no matter what happens, turns everything into a negative situation? Attitudes are powerful. Others can feel them, and they are reflected in your behavior. Whether you smile and
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Build Trust, Build Value

Trust. What is trust? Can we build trust? Can we break trust? Can we rebuild it once it is broken?In life, we have friendships we believe amount to something. We build trust equaling the value of these relationships. The same goes with our customers. Build trust and build value. If you hold on to what is valuable, you will hold on to your customer. Build a friendship with your customer. Don’t have them be the next person who walks through the door or who calls the store. “Hey, it’s the black sedan needing an oil change.” Stop! Make sure
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