Igniting Your Team to New Levels of Performance

When it comes to constructing a team of people who work well together to create winning outcomes, knowing "how to" and understanding "how to" are two very different phenomena. The strong and astute organizational leader is one who is committed to optimizing their resources and maximizing their return on their investment. Given the people expense is often the largest investment in any enterprise, creating this kind of culture is simply smart business. As a leader, empowering your workforce to unleash their strengths and encouraging people to collaborate and innovate leverages people's ability to act as a team and produce
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Four Insidious Impacts of a Mis-hire

The world’s innovators are calling for reinvention and transformation of HR departments. Given the majority of hiring responsibilities fall within HR and it is — in most cases — the entry into companies, reinventing HR must start with transforming the way leaders think about and behave about hiring.Many innovative leaders and early adopters are already operating highly effective, conscious hiring programs out of pure necessity. While some may advocate for the complete destruction of human resources departments, the proper solution is the complete destruction of old, outdated, unconscious and ineffective hiring techniques. Frankly, while people and business have remained
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