Do Detailing Services Matter

Auto detailing is very similar to vehicle maintenance. Both are necessary to keep a vehicle running and looking great. The consumer is trying to protect his or her investment by maintaining the reliability and value, but many times is unaware or confused on what their vehicle really needs pertaining to its appearance. Many people try to maintain their vehicle’s appearance themselves and yet still search out a trusted professional. Full-service or express detailing added to a carwash or quick oil change done correctly can boost revenue and increase customer loyalty. Most consumers would like to think they can detail
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Inspect Your Accessory Drive System

An often overlooked but critical engine component is the accessory drive system. This is the system that is driven by the belt or belts on the front or rear of the engine. On a standard engine, a single belt may drive all the components or several smaller belts may drive individual components. In either case, failure to inspect belts can result in costly repairs. To avoid this, it is necessary to be knowledgeable about indicators and inspection techniques that predict approaching problems.To help facilitate this inspection process, Continental has developed a unique belt inspection gauge that measures three types
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