The Absolute Legitimacy of Performance Chemicals and Services

Over the last decade, hundreds of articles have been written about the virtues of automotive chemical products. But the question persists, “Do these performance and maintenance chemicals and services really work? Or are they questionable brews, concocted by marketing types who are primarily interested in relieving you of your money?”Well, think of it this way: for years automobile manufacturers have advised having our oil changed every 3,000 miles as an important preventive measure. Even though some have suggested that this time interval may have lengthened due to drive-train design, the engineers continue to recommend this service on a regular
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Use of an Intake System Cleaner in Direct Injected and Ford EcoBoost Engines

The primary difference in a port fuel injected engine and a direct injected engine is where the fuel enters the system. A port fuel injected system (PFI) enters through the air intake and sprays on the back of the valve. A gasoline direct injected system (GDI) enters where the combustion chamber is the hottest, on top of the pistons inside the cylinders (see photo). The GDI allows for a more even burn of the fuel, resulting in added power and improved fuel economy.The problem is, there is never any fuel sprayed on the back of the valves to help
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