Guiding The Industry

When it comes to your shop’s selling of automotive maintenance services, there’s an extraordinary benefit to making inconsistent recommendations.You may be striving to bring consistency to your shop’s selling practices as a way to deliver customer satisfaction and provide a model for shop operations.  Although those efforts sound like good ideas, motorists and governmental regulators think they are very bad.  So, whose perception really matters here, yours — or your customers’ and those whose job it is to protect consumers?Let’s use the examples of customer A and customer B.  Both have visited your shop this week.  Both own a
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For 2016, consider combining two common words into one and applying that term to all you do at the shop level. The words I want you to combine are, exact and attitude. The new word they make is “exactitude.”Regulators are challenging the tread-depth measurements taken during tire inspections noting that imprecise measurements can lead to shops committing either fraud or negligence. If a technician understates the actual tread depth this can lead to the premature replacement of serviceable tires. This can easily be construed as overselling based on fraudulent or deceptive practices. Conversely, a shop may overstate the tires
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