Full Service is Key for Passing Emissions Tests

Emissions testing has become standard in states and municipalities all across the country. And while the testing procedures may vary from one locale to another, the goal is the same — to keep pollutants out of the atmosphere. The added task for auto repair technicians is to ensure optimal performance and fuel economy while keeping exhaust emissions within allowable standards. Typically, emissions standards are intended to minimize levels of unburned hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides ( NOx). With the advent of the OBDII standards, the check engine light has become a common means of determining whether
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Mark Kardon

Add-On Sales: More Valuable than Ever

Add-on sales have always been a staple in the quick lube business. Routine oil and filter changes afford technicians the opportunity to inspect other vehicle parts and systems and point out service needs to motorists. In today’s busy world, car owners are reluctant to make multiple appointments for various services. Their time is just too precious to spend on repeated and time-consuming automotive service appointments. Furthermore, more and more motorists are coming to view their vehicles as largely maintenance-free due to extended service intervals and parts that don’t need the routine checking and replacement that were required of cars
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