Articles by Lenny Saucier

Coaching is More Than Just Saying, “Good Job”

Don’t get me wrong, I love saying, “Good job.” If I am out in a shop and I hear or see something I like, I will pronounce that proudly, “Good job.” But that’s not coaching; that’s positive feedback (and I love that). Both positive feedback and negative feedback should be very strong parts of your communication model — and that communication model should serve as the driver of your coaching model. There are several coaching skills models you can look at, and they all involve feedback, active listening, building rapport and showing empathy. In other words, you need to
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Understanding Personalities And How To Apply Them

Diversity, it’s a twisted term. When someone says there is no diversity, it seems most would turn their minds to cultural diversity (it is the latest rage, after all). But when it comes to diversity in your shop, it shouldn’t mean to hire certain genders or ethnic backgrounds. What it should mean is to seek out different personalities and introduce conflict.

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