Wield the Five Keys to Leaving a Positive Leadership Legacy in Your Life

Many successful business people have pondered their leadership legacy — how do they want to be remembered. And many of them struggle to find the answer. Your legacy is defined by the impact you have on the lives of others after you are gone. It is how you will be remembered. We are all leaving a legacy, there is no escaping it. If asked, how would you respond to the question of, “What do you want your leadership legacy to be?” However old or young, you have the opportunity to raise the bar on the legacy you are leaving.
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Want to Grow as a Business Leader? Employ the BRAVE Model

William had never felt fear before. He had just been promoted to president of the company that had grown dramatically over the past three years and they were not ready for this rapid expansion. While he felt confident that he was the best qualified for this position, he lost sleep thinking of all the leadership challenges his people were expecting him to fix. He saw himself in the image of the Greek Titan Atlas holding up the globe. He was going to need help. The good news is William was not afraid to ask for help, and had a
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