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Pentius Automotive Parts

Pentius Automotive Parts — Your “One Source” filter vendor, offering premium-quality, competitively priced Pentius UltraFLOW filters for the full range of U.S. domestic and import light vehicles. With our U.S. Distribution Center located near Los Angeles, Pentius is supporting satisfied... More
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Phillips 66 Lubricants/Kendall

Modern engines need modern lubricants. Phillips 66 Lubricants and Kendall Motor Oil formulate products to exceed API requirements for GF-6 and handle modern stresses like direct injection and stop-start driving. Engineered to make engines more fuel efficient and cleaner, their lubricants... More
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Professional Netting Concepts

Professional Netting Concepts, L.L.C. was founded in July 2012 by Ben Rice, formally with BRW Unlimited Services, Inc. Mr. Rice has been involved in the areas of safety and fall protection for 25 years. His expertise is in the design and commercial areas of fall protection. Professional... More