Smart Blend Synthetics/Phillips 66 Spectrum Corporation

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Contact: Chris Emeott
Phone: 888-422-9099


Smart Blend Synthetics/Phillips 66 Spectrum Corporation
500 Industrial Park Dr.
Selmer TN 38375
United States

Smart Blend AdSmart Blend Synthetics is a division of Phillips 66 Corporation, an ISO 9001 : 2008 CERTIFIED independent blender, compounder, packager and marketer of specialty automotive lubricants, additives, supplements and other professional automotive service products. Since 1993, Smart Blend Synthetics has proven to be a consistent leader in the research and development of specialty automotive lubricant and service chemical technology. We offer complete comprehensive private branded packaging and fulfillment services to meet almost any customer requirements. Our manufacturing process is designed to be extremely efficient while maintaining maximum flexibility in scheduling of various package sizes. At Smart Blend Synthetics, we truly recognize the difference between ordinary and extraordinary customer service. We understand that you have a choice when establishing a relationship with a supply partner.

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