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zMax Micro-lubricant

zMax AdzMAX Micro-lubricant® is the complete service product for your engine, fuel system, transmission and power steering needs. As it soaks into metal, zMAX Micro-lubricant disperses harmful carbon build-up to improve performance, reduce wear and extend engine life. With zMax Micro-lubricant, you gain national advertising and quick service time. Your customers gain these benefits:

12oz in engine helps restore combustion valve and piston ring sealing resulting in more power and a smoother running engine for gasoline or diesel engines.

12oz in gasoline or diesel fuel systems helps lubricate injector pumps, clean injector nozzles and clean carbon residue off valves and pistons restoring compression.

6oz in transmission helps clean varnish in valve bodies for smoother shifting.

2oz in power steering system helps clean carbon deposits for smoother steering.

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