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Rhino Tuff Tanks, LLC

Rhino Tuff Tanks HDPE storage and dispensing systems are designed to help keep your shop areas clean and organized. Stop covering valuable floor space with 55-gallon drums — store bulk fluids vertically!  With sizes including 45-, 80-, 120-, 180-, 225-, and 310-gallon capacities, you... More
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Samson Corporation

Samson is a world leader in vehicle lubrication equipment offering a wide range of conventional and custom-engineered lubrication systems, pumps, reels, meters and more. Take a look, and you will discover why many professionals believe that, “SAMSON, the best constructed, highest... More
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Service Champ

For over 35 years, we at Service Champ have continued to evolve our offering while providing customers strategic industry expertise and exceptional customer service. This year we added over 600 NEW PRODUCTS to an already comprehensive assortment and continued to deliver with the best fill rates... More
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Shell Lubricants

Shell’s approach to solving your business’ needs features customized business solutions that are designed to meet your personal goals. Whether is it the introduction of industry-changing technology with Pennzoil full synthetic motor oil that is made from natural gas, or through proven... More
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Shell Rotella

Let the No. 1 Brand of HD diesel engine oil in North America help you grow your revenues. There are over 10 million DPUs in North America. What percentage of your car counts are DPU? An average sump capacity of three gallons means a much higher ticket value than the average passenger car oil... More
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Smart Blend Synthetics/Phillips 66 Spectrum Corporation

Smart Blend Synthetics is a division of Phillips 66 Corporation, an ISO 9001 : 2008 CERTIFIED independent blender, compounder, packager and marketer of specialty automotive lubricants, additives, supplements and other professional automotive service products. Since 1993, Smart Blend Synthetics... More
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Snyder Industries

Snyder Industries manufactures a wide variety of HDPE and steel storage solutions for the auto lube industry. From the stackable Cubetainer line that allows you a clean, efficient way to store your oil — eliminating the need for 55-gallon drums — to used oil collection tanks, spill... More
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Solid Start

Top-quality products you can trust with service, training and support you can depend on! Solid Start is a female-owned and family-operated manufacturer of automotive preventative-maintenance products for the automotive service industry. The Solid Start legacy of automotive excellence dates... More
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Other products clean, but not like Techron® with patented Precision Clean™ Technology that targets and removes stubborn deposits from the darkest corners of an engine’s fuel system. Techron’s unique formulas bond with and break apart deposit formations more effectively than... More
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TOTAL Specialties USA is a subsidiary of the TOTAL Group, the fourth largest integrated oil and gas company in the world. Headquarted in Houston, Texas, TOTAL has 5,000 employees in the upstream, downstream and specialty chemicals industries serving U.S. and Canada with over 300 distributors in... More
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zMax Micro-lubricant

zMAX Micro-lubricant® is the complete service product for your engine, fuel system, transmission and power steering needs. As it soaks into metal, zMAX Micro-lubricant disperses harmful carbon build-up to improve performance, reduce wear and extend engine life. With zMax Micro-lubricant, you... More