Basic Listing

Feature description for basic directory listing. Please edit

A Basic Listing is free of charge, and allows you to provide basic information about your company and select XX categories for your listing to appear in.

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Premium Listing

Feature description for Premium directory listing. Please edit

A Premium Directory listing offers you a rich set of benefits, including:

  • Your logo included in your listing
  • Select up to 10 categories
  • The ability to include images/image galleries, highlighting your product or service(s)
  • The ability to include files for download, such as white papers or research
  • The ability to include press releases and other information about your firm
  • Your directory listing appearing as a "related company" alongside relevant editorial content on our site

Additional upgraded options are available, including directory sponsorships that can place your company on the site and at the top of your chosen directory -- so your company is found first and most often by buyers looking for a specific product or service.

PLEASE NOTE: After creating your initial directory listing on the next page, you will be redirected to our ecommerce site to process payment for your listing. You can always update your listing when you're ready by logging into the site. All directory listings are approved by a member of our staff before going live, to help make sure you're receiving the maximum benefit from your placement.

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