Podcast: The Technology Behind Modern Engine Oils

July 8, 2021
Michael Thomas and Sean Nguyen join The NOLN Podcast to talk about how modern engine oils are engineered and what benefits drivers see as a result.

July 8, 2021—Most shop owners know that some customers are still a bit unsure about transitioning away from the good, old conventional engine oils. And it's the job of the shop staff to help educate those customers about the benefits and qualities that modern oils provide.

In this episode, two engine oil experts take a deep dive into the world of modern engine oils, especially full synthetics. Michael Thomas and Sean Nguyen with Shell-Pennzoil speak with editor Matt Hudson about the high-tech engineering that goes into modern oils and what performance benefits we see as a result.

Plus, they'll talk about the automotive industry forces that have changed over the years to influence what OEMs and drivers need from an engine oil.

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