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Buyers Guide

Is your shop needing to expand? Is it time to restock or upgrade? Find suppliers and service providers for all your quick lube needs in the NOLN Buyers Guide.

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Guide to Programs and Franchises

Programs and franchises constitute a huge part of the quick maintenance industry. They can be efficient ways for new operators to hit the ground running or for seasoned operators to grow a strong network.

For this revamped special guide, you’ll find a close look at the major participating brands, including their advantages and support offered to franchisees. All listings also include crucial information about royalties, startup costs and more.

This year, the sections have been broken up into the following categories: Advertising, Building Considerations, Business Support, Equipment & Products, Financial Considerations, and Other. We recommend first deciding which of these factors is the most important to you and then browsing the listings to learn more.

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Specialty Motor Oil Guide

More and more vehicles require specialty motor oil in order to function, and if you don’t stock the right oil for your market, you may be falling behind your competitors. The Specialty Motor Oil Guide is here to help, listing a variety of oils from several manufacturers along with product specifications and more.

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Guide to Additives and Cleaners

In the fast lube game, the skillful presentation and marketing of chemical additives and cleaners can be one steadfast stream of unexpected revenue. With myriad products on the market from fuel injector cleaning systems to modifying automotive transmission fluid, chemical additives and cleaners can be a valuable source of extra revenue to savvy lube operators.

This is why NOLN presents this guide to additives and cleaners. Use this guide as a resource to identify sales opportunites or to shore up unsold revenue sitting on your shop shelves in bottle after bottle.

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TOPS in the Industry Rankings

NOLN has compiled the biggest names in the game into a list that shows how the industry at large is growing. Whether it’s the fast lube or fast lube plus shop, franchised or independent, these brands represent the bulk of the quick oil change service in the United States. They make sure drivers are covered when they’re on the road or prepping for the next several thousand miles of driving.

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