News Weekly: March 31, 2020

March 31, 2020

Big news from Take 5, plus an update from Valvoline and NOLN columnist Lenny Saucier.

March 31, 2020—The previous week included some big news from the industry's big companies.

Take 5 Oil Change announced layoffs for more than half of its workforce at company-owned stores. 

Valvoline said last week that its franchised and company-owned VIOCs remain open, but those at the company are taking measures to brace against any new measures that might be needed.

Finally, we had columnist Lenny Saucier write about his work volunteering at a local high school. He shares his work here.

Be sure to check out this page on the NOLN website, which is the place for the latest updates and information around coronavirus and the response for businesses.

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