Podcast Episodes to Jumpstart Your 2024

Jan. 4, 2024
Start your new year off strong with this playlist of insightful episodes from The NOLN Podcast.

A new year is upon us! 2024 is an open book of opportunity. What will it hold for you? If you don't have all your resolutions and goals in place yet, then this playlist is for you. 

The NOLN Podcast fosters conversations about leadership, industry impact, shop operations, and more. As you settle into 2024, take some time out of your busy schedule to listen to informative perspectives from episodes past. 

Regardless of what your outlook for 2024 may be, these episodes shed light on strategies for success and industry knowledge that are certain to inspire. 

Talking Community Impact with Lucas Oil Center

Fostering a genuine relationship with your shop's community does more than get people into your quick lube bays—it also has the opportunity to make a sizable impact. 

To learn more about the efforts put forth at Lucas Oil Center, team members Bill Floyd, April Maxey, and Chris Payne join the show. In this episode, these three discuss their strategy, reveal some of their favorite memories, and offer insight to other shop owners looking to pursue similar avenues in this arena. 

Working Across Generations with Sara Fraser

When you have individuals of all different ages working at a shop and bringing in their cars for service, it can be difficult to manage team building, marketing, and other elements of shop operations. It's important to determine an approach that translates across generations. 

Sara Fraser is the vice president of business development and client services at Haas Performance Consulting, which specializes in coaching and business management for independent repair shops. She joins the show to discuss this multi-generational dynamic, which spans across the entire automotive aftermarket. 

The State of the Quick Lube Industry with Justin Cialella

Staying updated on the quick lube industry helps keep a shop owner's acumen sharp. From the big picture challenges to the opportunities that lie in the details, being well informed on it all is a must. 

Justin Cialella is the president and CEO of Victory Lane Quick Oil Change and current past-president of the Preventative Automotive Maintenance Association (formerly the Automotive Oil Change Association). In this episode, he offers his perspective on what shop owners should be keeping an eye on and some strategies for navigating today's quick lube industry. 

Supporting Your Employees with Deanna Baumgardner 

Shop owners may steer the ship, but their employees help keep it afloat. Maintaining solid team management skills and a good rapport with your staff are building blocks for a positive workplace environment. 

Deanna Baumgardner of Employers Advantage LLC joins the show to offer guidance on the various aspects of employer and employee dynamics. 


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