Podcast: Retain Your Talent, Develop Your Team (with Claudia St. John of The Workplace Advisors)

Dec. 28, 2023
Claudia St. John joins the show to discuss the importance of shop owners paying attention to employee retention.

Have you started setting goals for your team in 2024? Whether or not you have, there's a good chance that one major thing you want from your employees is for them to stick around. 

That's right, we're talking about employee retention. Inspiring motivation and dedication amongst your shop team is connected to nearly every element that keeps your business running. Shop culture, team management, and shop-wide communication are just a few areas to develop that help establish a quality workplace. 

Claudia St. John, president of The Workplace Advisors, joins the show to talk about what it takes to truly develop your team. 

Claudia often offers her insights to NOLN for stories about human resources, management, hiring, and much more. For more from her in a podcast format, check out her interview with NOLN from the beginning of 2023: Hiring Strategies for 2023 with Claudia St. John



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