Discount Tire Employee Offers Kindness to Customer

Dec. 14, 2022

Barbara Lewis was getting her tires changed when she found out her mother had died, and an employee named Codey Zuelow took action to help. 

Dec. 14, 2022—A Discount Tire employee recently comforted a customer who was waiting for her winter tires to be installed when she found out her mother had died.

According to CBS News, Codey Zuelow is an employee at Discount Tire in Bloomington, Minn. Barbara Lewis was at the store getting her winter tires put on her car when she got a call that her mother hadZuelow quickly jumped into action and got some of his co-workers to help get the tires installed on her car in about 20 minutes. 

Zuelow then brought Lewis her keys and offered her a hug, which she gladly accepted. Tears were shed, and Zuelow even offered to shovel Lewis's driveway. But she turned him down and simply asked for another hug instead. 

Zuelow told CBS News he would have wanted someone to do the same if he or his mother were in that same position. Lewis brought two dozen donuts to the shop the following Monday and gave Zuelow $100 to show her gratitude for his kindness.

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