Texas Community Takes Fleet Maintenance Seriously

Nov. 14, 2022

A recent rollover involving a commercial truck has served as a reminder of the importance of vehicle fleet maintenance to the city of Corpus Christi.  

Nov. 14, 2022—A recent accident involving a commercial cement truck rollover is reminding a community about the importance of preventative maintenance for vehicle fleets. 

According to KIIITV 3 News, the aforementioned incident occurred in Corpus Christi, Texas. No one was injured and the cause of the rollover is currently unknown. Regardless, staying on top of maintenance for these types of vehicles is extremely important. 

Over at the city's fleet operations garage, Russel Dean is the assistant director of the city's asset management fleet. He told KIIITV 3 News that conducting effective maintenance is key for keeping fleets in good operating condition. He noted that these fleets have the potential to put in a lot of miles, which leads to more wear on tires and brakes. Even something like simply tightening the lug nuts is a crucial step.

Deputy Fire Chief Richie Quintero is with the Corpus Christi Fire Department, and he said daily maintenance checks are a big part of the crew's routine. He told KIIITV 3 News that specialized vehicles such as fire trucks require multiple steps to ensure safety and service. 

"Whether that be a medic unit, a fire truck, a sedan, a Tahoe they are checked every day from bumper to bumper for its ability to respond safely," Quintero said to KIIITV 3 News.