Tesla Sends Push Notifications for Battery Replacement

Sept. 15, 2022

A recent tweet by a Tesla driver has shown a mobile phone notification from Tesla encouraging a 12V battery replacement service. 

Sept. 15, 2022—Tesla appears to be sending push notifications to vehicle owners regarding 12V battery replacements. 

According to MSN, the presence of a mobile phone notification that said, "12V battery must be replaced soon - schedule service" was first reported by a Tesla owner named Zack. He posted a screenshot of the notification on Twitter. MSN reported that the reaction to Zack's tweet seemed to be positive, and other Tesla drivers mentioned wanting to see similar notifications for low tire pressure, tire rotation reminders and more. 

The Tesla mobile app has many other features, according to MSN. These include but are not limited to a "Charging" section that lets drivers see the vehicle's remaining battery status and a "Schedule" section that lets drivers schedule services for their vehicle.

Zack's original tweet can be seen here

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