ISIPay™ Introduces TXT2PAY™, Secure Text Payment Solution

Nov. 1, 2021

Fast option to text secure payments.

What happens when ISI Software, the industry leading POS provider, partners with Throttle, the industry leading payments technology provider? YOU WIN.

In partnership with Throttle’s NextGen Payments powered by AuthVia, TXT2PAY™ gives your customers what they expect⁠—a fast, simple option to text their secure payment. TXT2PAY™ keeps your customer’s information safe, allows your service team to focus on the service performed instead of getting payment, and increases customer retention.

TXT2PAY™ works on any customer’s mobile device, doesn’t need a new app or password, and takes seconds to pay⁠—plus it’s truly contactless. 

Who wouldn’t want to accelerate payments, provide a superior payment experience, and let TXT2PAY™ eliminate their PCI liability? 

For more information, visit or call 800.922.3099.