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Sept. 1, 2019

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Introducing DuraMAX Synthetic Oil Filter

The DuraMAX brand is staying ahead of the game with the newly created DuraMAX Synthetic Oil Filter, specially engineered with the procrastinator in mind. Your customer's intention to take their vehicle for a timely routine oil change is just that, an intention. 

Unfortunately in vehicle maintenance, it’s not just the thought that counts. With the DuraMAX Synthetic Oil Filter, you can offer your customers prolonged performance and maximum engine protection.

With two times the filtration capacity and up to a 10,000-mile drain interval, the DuraMAX Synthetic Oil Filter will last long enough to be the last item on your customer’s to do list. These impressive stats make the DuraMAX Synthetic Oil Filter the perfect counterpart of the DuraMAX Advanced Full

Synthetic XLT oil. When combining the two premium products, your customers will experience a comprehensive offering for their routine vehicle maintenance needs.

The DuraMAX Synthetic Oil Filter is engineered with:

  • A reinforced filter can with .6 mm steel for extra protection under the most demanding conditions.
  • Heat-treated steel tension spring design ensuring the sealing integrity of the filter’s internal components.
  • Premium extra-thick steel end cap to meet the needs of today’s market.
  • A rugged baseplate design that provides the foundation for the entire assembly, protecting the engine from extreme pressure changes.
  • A rubber sealing gasket that provides the essential seal that protects your engine.

Driven Delivers Increased Horsepower and Reduced Engine Wear

New GP-1 from Driven Racing Oil features a high zinc content specifically engineered and tested to deliver Increased horsepower along with more than 30 percent better engine wear protection, compared to the competition.  

The new oil has been uniquely compounded from Pennsylvania Grade Petroleum. If you’ve ever studied high performance lubricants you’ve probably heard that Pennsylvania Grade sourced oil is one of the finest. 

Recognized in the racing community as the finest base oil for high performance lubricants, Pennsylvania Grade Base Oil is a type of sweet crude oil found primarily in the Appalachian basin in many eastern U.S. states, and takes its name from the state of Pennsylvania, where it was first extracted in 1859.

Driven Racing Oil’s Synthetic Blend GP-1 offers race grade protection and performance at a fraction of the price of a full synthetic. New GP-1 High Performance Motor Oil features the unique properties of Pennsylvania grade base oil compounded with select synthetic components and ZDDP (zinc) to provide excellent film strength and reduces friction.

Developed in concert with several high performance engine builders and leading race teams in every form of motorsports, new GP-1 has run multiple certified tests proving increased horsepower, 30% better wear protection, friction reduction, high temperature and load protection. Additionally, GP-1 lowered operating oil temperatures by 15°F. 

Actron introduces new Wi-Fi Borescope Camera

Actron has announced a new Wi-Fi Borescope Camera that gives users the ability to view and playback photos and videos from vehicle inspection with the download of an app on their smart device. 

The new camera is ideal for use in homes, cars, boats and more for inspection work where the area to be inspected is inaccessible by other means. It is now available in North America.

The CP7670 Actron Borescope Camera is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android smart phone and tablet devices. It is ideal for many applications including inspection of HVAC duct work, vent pipes, machine equipment, engines, cable routing and automotive, boat and aircraft systems. The flexible 3.3-foot tube can be shaped into any viewing condition, allowing for optimal viewing in hard to reach areas.

The 8mm camera includes an adjustable brightness of four tube-mounted camera LEDs with 8 brightness settings. The camera head itself is manufactured and tested to IP67 waterproof standard. The camera comes with a mirror, magnet and hook.

Snap-on rolls out TPMS4 Software License

Snap-on is introducing a new TPMS4 Software License that gives technicians access to continuous updates through the TPMSconnect Portal. The software keeps the TPMS4 tool current by updating sensor brands, adding vehicle models and new protocols, along with enhanced programmable sensor coverage. 

Added current model year new vehicle platform coverage includes BMW, Chrysler 300, Honda, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Sprinter, Subaru and Toyota. 

Enhanced coverage for sixteen of the most common aftermarket sensors are integrated into the new software including MAX T.O.T.A.L. Gen 1 and Gen 2 Sensors, Alligator Sens.It, Schrader EZ-sensor, HUF Intellisens UVS and ECS, Hamaton U-Pro, Mobiletron, Orange Universal, BWD Standard QWIK-SENSOR, NAPA QWIK-SENSOR, Steelman Select, PDQ Programmable, Dynamic Pro-Select and Mobiletron Universal. 

Technicians will also be able to look up OEM and aftermarket sensor part numbers as well as TPMS by Dill Valve and Retrofit by Schrader trailer coverage. 

Using a registration code, technicians can download the update through the TPMSconnect portal. The software license is valid for 12 months after purchase.

New John Bean T2545T Swing Arm Tire Changer Combines Speed, Versatility, Safety

Featuring a compact design and a quick and easy setup, the new John Bean T2545T Swing Arm Tire Changer is ideal for handling passenger cars, light trucks and high-performance wheel and tire assemblies.

“The ergonomic design and safety-enhancing features of the new John Bean T2545T tire changer provide the user a safe work space when changing a variety of tires,” said Adam Brown, director of product management for John Bean, in a press release.

The John Bean T2545T Swing Arm Tire Changer features a locking mount/demount head offset. This feature offers maximum cosmetic safety for expensive wheels, significantly reducing the risk of harming wheel and tire assemblies. Its robust design, including precision-cast and machined shoes with robust cast jaws, makes for precise clamping. The heavy-duty pneumatic valves are simple to operate and offer intuitive functionality. A powerful electric motor generates 885 foot-pounds (ft-lb) of torque to the turntable to mount stiff, difficult tires.

Another unique feature of the John Bean T2545T is its newly designed bead breaker control, which is ergonomic to operate.

Mitchell 1 Adds Parts Lookup Feature to ProDemand

Mitchell 1 has added the ability to search its ProDemand repair information software using an OEM part number, further expanding the search functionality in the 1Search Plus module of ProDemand. Service writers and technicians now have the option to start a repair information lookup beginning with a part number in addition to diagnostic code, component or symptom.

“The part number search feature is useful to many auto repair shops and offers more flexibility to help technicians quickly find the repair information they need,” said Gary Hixson, marketing manager for ProDemand-Mitchell 1, in a press release. “It’s always our goal to think the way auto professionals do and deliver features that help them increase efficiency at every step of the repair process. The part number lookup gives them a streamlined option when they need information specific to a part.”

In the search field, users now see a new option for part numbers. They can type in the part number with or without the spaces and hyphens and ProDemand will automatically detect and return results for the correct part. In addition, the type-ahead feature is activated for the search lookup, so technicians only need to enter a few characters and ProDemand will populate the entire part number. 

Once the OEM part number is entered, 1Search Plus will return all information related to that part for the selected vehicle, allowing technicians to quickly complete the diagnosis and repair.

ProDemand provides complete OEM repair, estimating and maintenance information with exclusive real-world industry insights in a single lookup. The 1Search Plus search engine returns information in a user-friendly graphic “card” layout aligned with a technician’s workflow. Key features include expert-based Real Fixes, ADAS quick reference, smart color wiring diagrams, the latest TSBs, common repair procedures, Top 10 Repairs dashboard and integrated estimating with the Mitchell 1 Manager SE shop management system.

Robinair announces new refrigerant analyzers for R-134a or R-1234yf A/C systems

Robinair has released its new R-ID (#16990) and R-ID Plus (#16995) Refrigerant Analyzers, which allows technicians to quickly and accurately determine the refrigerant purity of a vehicle’s A/C system. The R-ID and R-ID Plus Refrigerant Analyzers are designed for use on vehicles with either R-134a or the newer R-1234yf refrigerant.

Powered by an internal lithium ion battery, the R-ID and R-ID Plus measures the percentage of R-1234yf, R-134a, R-12 refrigerants, as well as R-22 and Hydrocarbon contaminants. An optional R-12 hose is required for technicians to be able to test R-12 refrigerant. The analyzers also measure the percent air in pure R-1234yf and R-134a refrigerants.

The tools are certified to the SAE J2912 standard and can connect directly to any SAE J2843 or J3030 A/C service machine with an external USB port. Each device has a large, easy to read color display that shows analysis results and helps technicians to determine the next step of an A/C system service.

The R-ID Plus Refrigerant Analyzer is equipped with the same features and functionality as the R-ID Refrigerant Analyzer but adds an internal printer to print final test results.

Gearwrench Introduces New Chrome Hex Bit Sockets

Automotive and industrial mechanics don’t have time for tools that come up short. So, Gearwrench is introducing new additions to its Chrome Hex Bit Socket line that literally reach farther to provide greater access and ease compared to standard shorter hex keys. 

With the new mid-length and long-length hex bit options, reaching hex-cap fasteners is no longer a worry.

“Technicians often struggle to have tools that provide great access without compromising strength, so we designed our mid- and long-length hex bit sockets to offer both,” said Chris Coll, product manager at Gearwrench, in a press release. “From the materials we use to the nuances of our design, our new hex bits help auto mechanics and industrial maintenance professionals keep pace with their work.”

Product Features:

  • Mid-Length and Long-Length bits to provide additional access to hard-to-reach fasteners
  • S2 steel insert hex bits for maximum strength
  • Sockets meet insertion depth requirements to ensure correct engagement with the fastener
  • Chamfered hex bit ends are precision manufactured for a secure fit to prevent stripping and wear
  • Socket base full polish chrome finish is easy to clean and provides high visibility
  • Large hand-stamped identification and double line (SAE) and knurled line (metric) to easily distinguish between SAE and metric sockets
  • Socket base is heat treated
  • Exceed ASME proof torque requirements for durability

The new line of mid-length and long-length hex bits includes 61 total products (57 open stock options and four sets) for 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch drives in both SAE and metric. The full line of GEARWRENCH Hex Bit Sockets now has 140 options and 16 sets, including standard hex bits, ball-end hex bits, and long ball-end hex bits. 

New SOLAR 12V Digital Battery and Electrical System Tester

Clore Automotive introduces a new 12 Volt Digital Battery and Electrical Systems Tester, Model No. BA6, from SOLAR. The BA6 offers a complete testing solution for 12 Volt batteries and systems, has an operating range of 4.5-16 Volts, and is compatible with a wide variety of battery types.

The BA6 tests 12 Volt batteries from 100-1200 CCA and is optimized to test six distinct battery types: Conventional Flooded Acid, AGM Flat Plate, AGM Spiral Wound, Gel Cell and Start-Stop AGM and Enhanced Flooded batteries. 

The tester provides accurate assessment of both charged and discharge batteries (down to 4.5 Volts) and features a variety of safety features, including reverse polarity and overvoltage protection, to make testing safer for the operator and equipment being tested.

Testing is quick and easy and allows the operator to perform either a battery test, system test or both. The tester walks the operator through the test sequence, prompting for key pieces of information and guiding the operator from one step to the next. Plus, the tester’s size makes it convenient to keep at arm’s reach, whether in the shop, garage or service vehicle.

Clore Automotive is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of automotive service equipment for professionals and consumers, including jump starters, battery chargers, battery testers, power inverters and LED lighting solutions. Clore Automotive products can be found in a wide variety of outlets servicing professionals and automotive enthusiasts, including auto parts stores, mobile tool dealers, industrial MRO distributors, farm and ag outlets and more. 

Continental ATE SL.6 Brake Fluid Ideal for Electronic Brake Systems

Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket offers its ATE SL.6 Brake Fluid as an ideal brake fluid replacement for DOT 4 fluid in ESP, ABS, and ASR systems. The low-viscosity texture of ATE SL.6 allows electronic brake systems to react more quickly for improved safety.

Continental’s Original ATE SL.6 Brake Fluid incorporates high-quality additives to help provide excellent protection against rust and corrosion, so the brakes are more durable and resistant. ATE SL.6 delivers excellent application coverage for the advanced braking systems used in all makes of high-end vehicles.

Dan Caciolo, Head of Product Management for Continental Independent Aftermarket Powertrain & Brake Systems, noted that in addition to ATE SL.6, Continental also offers ATE SL Brake Fluid for hydraulic brake and clutch systems and ATE TYP 200 Brake Fluid for racing applications.


Macnaught USA has introduced its Retracta R3 Hose Reel with RACR (Retracta Adjustable Control Return). 

Featuring a 10-year warranty, the Retracta R3-RACR is the market’s first reel with fully adjustable return speed for increased safety. The patented RACR system utilizes an adjustable hydraulic clutch that allows the user to set the speed of return to meet individual requirements, protecting personnel and equipment.

Easy to adjust with only a screwdriver, the Retracta R3-RACR hose reel has a texture-rolled carbon spring for maximum service life and built-in spring overrun protection. The unit comes standard with a safe tensioning mechanism, protecting the operator from direct spring interaction. It offers increased hose capacity up to 65 feet, and its Air / Water RetractaFlex hybrid polymer hose eliminates kinking for superior performance. The polymer hose mouth design provides high wear resistance, and the reel has an integrated handle for convenience.

Its wide mounting bracket offers improved stability. The fully serviceable Retracta R3 reel is available in an array of case and hose colors for air, water, oil, grease and hot water applications. It is suitable for factory floors, shops, vehicle dealerships, truck and heavy equipment repair facilities and more.