Changing Oil On A Rolls-Royce

July 3, 2019

A do-it-yourself guide for the thrifty Rolls-Royce owner.

July 3, 2019—You never know when the driver of a Rolls-Royce Phantom is going to pull up to a bay in need of an oil change.

To be sure that nobody is uninformed on the subject, YouTuber Videobob Moseley posted a handy tutorial on a 2004 model. Beneath the underbody panels, the procedure is similar to any other vehicle. The filter (the same used on some BMW models) is housed in a plastic canister that has its own little drain channel down the center, but there's also drain plug next to it to remove first.

The V12 Phantom takes eight quarts of engine oil, and Moseley uses Mobil 1 5W-30 full synthetic high mileage. He poured a little extra oil into the filter canister before replacing, and the job was completed.

Oil changes on luxury cars can come at a high cost. The famously expensive Bugatti Veyron demands $20,000 for an oil change, according to some reports. That's about the same price as a new Honda Civic. So the do-it-yourself tutorial for the Rolls-Royce owners out there is an effective money saver.

Perhaps all those savings could go toward these $200,000, diamond-encrusted car keys, via Motor Authority.

Image: YouTube / Videobob Moseley