Iconic Cars from TV's Past

June 12, 2019

Take a drive down memory lane with these classic television cars.

June 12, 2019—It took three Ford Model Ts, one hearse and three weeks to build The Munsters' Koach.

But the 18-foot-long custom car made for a television classic, making it onto History's list of the most iconic TV vehicles.

Hollywood car man George Barris created the Koach, as well as another car on the list: The 1960s Batmobile, which was based on a Lincoln Futura. The original model sold for $4.6 million in 2013.

The list goes on and includes a Volkswagen van being overtaken by forest in "Lost" and the "Miami Vice" Ferrari Daytona Spyder, which were originally replicas built atop a Corvette chassis, according to History. Ferrari sued.

There are also odes to the well-known KITT from "Knight Rider" and the 300 or so Chargers that appeared throughout the course of "The Dukes of Hazzard."

Both television and car fans might have some additions to the list, like the recurring Vista Cruiser in "That 70s Show," which, as Popular Mechanics notes, was a second-generation Oldsmobile that came standard with a 350-ci V8. What are your favorite television cars?

Image: Wikimedia Commons/Bahooka