Police Give CatGuard Labels to Auto Servicers

Nov. 15, 2022

Police in Dayton, Ohio, are offering some local car service providers access to CatGuard labels in an effort to prevent catalytic converter theft. 

Nov. 15, 2022—Police in Dayton, Ohio, are partnering with local car service providers to prevent catalytic converter theft. 

According to Dayton Daily News, the police are providing CatGuard catalytic converter labels to local businesses. These participants include Carroll-Wuertz Tire Company, Reichard GMC and Champion Auto-Truck-Fleet as well as some Grismer Tire and Auto Service locations and White Allen car dealerships.

These labels get etched onto catalytic converters and are registered through a QR code. This makes it easier for police to track the origin of the car part if it gets stolen from someone's vehicle. 

Lt. Mark Ponichtera said there is a plan to introduce legislation to the Dayton City Commission "to label catalytic converters that has been defaced, such as if the etched-on label has been ground off, as contraband, and unable to be sold within the city," according to the Dayton Daily News. Looking at the big picture, Ponichtera said it would be helpful for the police if automakers put the VIN directly onto the catalytic converters from the factory.

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