California Heat Leads to Tire Failure

Sept. 12, 2022

California's recent heat wave has led to hot roads and streets, leaving vehicles more prone to tire explosions and failures. 

Sept. 12, 2022—Hot temperatures are causing tire failures in California. 

According to Fox 40 KTXL, University Automotive in Sacramento has been busy during the recent California heat wave. The hot temperatures have led to hot streets and roads. Shop manager Charles Grace told Fox 40 KTXL that tires with worn treads and tires that are improperly inflated are more prone to trouble during the heat. 

Grace said a low tire may start pulling before it has a failure. He said that the reaction of a driver in this situation may be to pull the steering wheel in an effort to amend the situation, but in all actuality the tire could just be under-inflated. Issues can stem from an overinflated tire in the heat as well. 

Grace recommended drivers should ensure the tires on their vehicles are fit for the climate that they are living and driving in. This includes looking at the tire temperature rating, tread wear rating and traction rating, according to Grace.