EVs May Increase Tire Costs for Drivers

July 28, 2022

Electric vehicles can cause increased wear and tear on tires, resulting in more frequent changes and more attentive maintenance. 

July 28, 2022—As electric vehicle popularity goes up, so do tire prices for consumers.

According to Torque News, this phenomenon will increase as the country becomes more dependant on electric vehicles in the coming years. EV drivers may replace tires on a more frequent basis, and may discover higher costs during this process.

Torque News reported multiple reasons for EVs prompting a tire price increase. Electric vehicles are heavier, causing a greater need for routine tire replacements. Additionally, vehicles with heavier weights often require special tires such as Extra Load tires. These options are more expensive. High-torque propulsion systems also incur wear on the tires of EVs.

Even distribution of wear through tire rotations can help with some issues, but the article also outlined ways in which the EV automakers are adding special features that result in higher costs for tire care. This includes employing things like run-flat capable tires or tires that self-seal.

The article also did some comparative ICE to EV tire costs, looking at the least expensive base model OEM replacement tire for each. One such example included the Tesla Model 3 18-inch Hankook Kinergy GT at a price of $257.99 each to the Honda Civic 17-inch Hankook Kinergy GT price of $175.99 each. The EV cost per tire was shown to be 32 percent higher than the ICE.

Overall, the article found that over 100,000 miles of EV ownership and adding two extra sets of tires from premature wear has the potential to add $3,000 of costs for the owner. 

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