Take 5 Franchise Reimburses Customer for Engine Replacement

April 20, 2022

According to a customer there was water in the oil, leading to a lengthy and expensive process recently resolved by Driven Brands. 

April 20, 2022—Gabriel Davis took his 2018 Honda Civic to a Take 5 Oil Change in Kileen, Texas back in January, and two weeks later his car lost power.

According to an article by 6 News, a separate shop's technician said that there appeared to be water in the vehicle's oil. According to the story, a Take 5 manager said that the shop was to blame and the the information would be passed onto the district manager.

After that, the manager stopped contacting Davis altogether even though a solution still had not been reached. 

Eventually, Davis went back to the Take 5 location to get updates on his vehicle status. Upon arrival, he was informed that the shop manager and the district manager had both been fired, according to 6 News. Davis faced a $9,000 engine replacement cost.

Once the news station started looking into the matter, Take 5 parent company Driven brands ultimately covered the cost of the engine replacement and rental car.

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