Valvoline, Cummins Renew Marketing Partnership

Sept. 14, 2021

The two companies renewed a partnership that has been ongoing since the 1990s.

Sept. 14, 2021—Cummins will continue to recommend Valvoline oils for heavy-duty diesel and generator use as part of a marketing partnership.

In a press release, Valvoline said that the deal is a five-year extension. The two companies have worked together in this way since the 1900s.

"When I think about our unique partnership with Cummins, I think about two of the best-known teams in our respective fields making each other better," Valvoline CEO Sam Mitchell said in the press release. "This relationship is undeniably one of the most important ones we have, and our strategic and fruitful alignment is ultimately beneficial for our companies, our people and our customers."