Goodyear, Others Pursue Tire Sensor Technology

June 18, 2021
Tire manufacturers are starting to put sensors in tires that would provide real-time diagnostics and other info to drivers.

June 18, 2021—Several manufacturers are developing sensors for tires that could provide real-time diagnostic information and other vital data to drivers and tire producers.

According to a report from the Washington Post, companies such as Goodyear and Pirelli are starting to put chips in their tires that can give a multitude of feedback to a driver, and some would even alert drivers about potential blowouts and nearby repair options through an app. Some versions of the sensors are already out in large trucks that transport goods, but companies such as McLaren have announced they will be adding tire sensors to some cars in the near future.

Goodyear officials said the company’s sensors would add just under $100 in annual operating costs to any vehicle and added the company is aiming to have some form of connectivity in all their tires by 2027.